Advantages of Gaming on Linux

Most mainstream gaming today is done on a Windows platform. Although Linux is acknowledged as a useful operating system, it does not have the association with gaming that Windows has. However, the variety that Linux games offer gives Linux some unique advantages as a gaming operating system.

The cost comparison is the first place where you can see an advantage to Linux games over Windows games. Most new Windows games cost $40-$60 to purchase. This price point makes buyers wary of trying new games that they are not sure they will like. If you experiment with a new Windows game and don’t like it, then you could have lost $60 just to try something new. Windows gamers have the choice of only buying games that are familiar which they know they will like or risking a lot of money to broaden their gaming horizons. However, most Linux games are open source. This means that they can be legally obtained completely free. You are free to experiment with new Linux games to your heart’s content because you have nothing to lose if you download a game that you end up not liking.

The open source games offered for Linux are also solutions to the issues regarding game licenses that hinder Windows gamers. Some Windows games can only be installed on a certain number of machines. That means that you may have to buy brand new copies of all of your favorite games just because you bought a new computer. Families with multiple computers also need to purchase multiple copies of a game. This can make long term Windows gaming even prohibitively expensive for users who want to upgrade their hardware, replace broken equipment, or share games among multiple household members. Linux gamers do not face these problems. Most Linux game licenses allow users to download the games on as many machines as they want.

The efficiency of Linux contributes to its reputation as a good operating system. This also brings advantages to gaming. High quality Windows games require the newest, most cutting edge hardware to run. If you have older hardware you are stuck playing only older, lower quality windows games. However, with its superior efficiency Linux allows gamers to run high quality games even on older gaming equipment. This further saves gamers money that they would need to spend for Windows gaming. Linux gamers don’t need to worry about spending thousands of dollars on a brand new gaming computer just to be able to enjoy their favorite game.

There is a wide variety of games available for Linux gamers. You have many genres to choose from. These games include older, simple games to newer more advanced games. You do not have to sacrifice variety of options to get the other advantages Linux offers.

Another advantage of Linux gaming I the interactive, user centric gaming community. Linux gamers communicate about their gaming experiences and preferences with each other and with the game developers. Many of the game developers in turn adjust their projects to fit feedback given by the gamers.